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Current Version: 1.04k

1.04k: Corrected a bug with nested #IF's in trigggers.
1.04j: Fixed issue with triggers not firing in the middle of long multi-lined string inputs.
1.04i:  corrected an issue with multiple wait timers in a trigger causing infinite loops.
1.04h:  Fixed issue with failed Registrations.
1.04g:  Fixed bug with variables inside of aliases when @ is the last character of a command.
1.04f:  Fixed coloring issue with #ECHO command.
1.04f:  Fixed infinite loop on certain trigger conditions.
1.04e: Corrected highlighting text to highlight every instance of a word.
1.04e: Corrected a #W (wait command) issue with triggers.
1.04d:  Addressed issue with edit box and passwords.
1.04d:  Fixed buttons in lower right corner to say off, when off.
1.04c:  Fixed aliasing problem.
1.04b:  Fixed issue with #CAPTURE windows.
1.04a Change notes:  Addressed issue with masked passwords not working with Master Accounts. (DSL)


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