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Question:  What is MudFix?
Mudfix is telnet software used for connecting to Text Based Muds.


Question:  What is a Mud?
It stands for Multi-User-Dimension, which is a nerdy way for saying an online text based game.  Think "World of Warcraft" but without the graphics.


Question:  Why do I need telnet software? Doesn't windows come with telnet?
It's true that windows comes with the basic telnet functions, but it does not support any of the things you need to fully enjoy a Mud.  Just trying to read a mud without a good telnet client is difficult. 


Question: Is this really the best telnet software ever written?
Yes, yes it is.


Question:  What if I don't like it?
Other than you being REALLY WEIRD, simply don't buy it.  There is a 30 days evaluation period. A month is a pretty good amount of time to know if you'll like it or not.


Question:  How much is it?
$20 and you can install it on up to 3 PC's.


Question:  Do I get free upgrades for life?
You get all patches for free.  When we release any new full versions there will be a $5 fee for anyone who purchased a previous version if they want to upgrade to the latest version.


Question:  Will you still patch old versions?
Yes, we will patch old versions as patches are needed.


Question:  Does MudFix run on Linux or Mac Operating Systems?
Not at this time.  MudFix is for Windows Operating Systems only.


Question:  Why?
Why what?


Question:  Why is it windows only?
Because we don't even own a Mac and I only use Linux for servers.  We use windows, we are gamers!!!


Question:  Does it work on Vista?
Yes, but depending on what directory you install it in, you may need to run it as administrator.


Question:  So how do I register?
Click the register button on the website and then click on "Purchase MudFix".  Pay the $20 through paypal.  When you get your return email, you'll then click on the Register button and fill in the information required and it will return your registration code.


Question:  I get to use MudFix on 3 PC's, but what if I upgrade the hardware on one PC or one PC dies? How do I reuse one of my existing licenses?
We can remove old registrations remotely for you upon request and you can simply register the other PC with the remaining licenses you have.  You can also remove the registration yourself from a PC by clicking Help and then Remove Registration.

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